National Museum of Scotland exhibition: Ming: The Golden Empire

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Ming: The Golden Empire, 27 June – 19 October 2014, National Museum of Scotland

The Ming dynasty (1368–1644) was a period in Chinese history marked by economic strength and a dramatic flourishing of the arts. In this exhibition, see a collection of stunning Ming artefacts from Nanjing Museum, many on display in the UK for the first time.

Ming, meaning brilliant or bright, was a dynasty which fully lived up to its name. Exquisite luxury items and rare objects reveal the wealth and opulence of the Ming imperial court and demonstrate the remarkable cultural, technological and economic achievements of the period.

Encounter beautiful blue and white porcelains with which the Ming period is synonymous, as well as sumptuous silk textiles, gold and jades, and rare examples of elaborately enamelled cloisonné.

A richly coloured painting from the early Ming illustrates the symbolic grandeur and geometrical order of Beijing’s newly built Forbidden City. Paintings and calligraphies by leading painters reveal the preoccupations of the Ming cultural elite, from dreams of escape from official life to philosophical attitudes to the natural world.

Investigating the prosperous Ming economy and its effects on social and cultural systems during the 16th and 17th centuries, the exhibition also reflects on the legacy the Ming has left Chinese culture.

This exhibition has been produced by Nomad Exhibitions in association with Nanjing Museum. Ming: The Golden Empire is sponsored by Baillie Gifford Investment Managers.

 National Museum of Scotland

Chambers Street, Edinburgh

0300 123 6789


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