Events in the Hippodrome cinema

The Hippodrome cinema, Bo’ness, and Falkirk  Community Trust are hosting a special screening of the multi-award winning film, The King of Masks(面具) in
on Saturday going Cinema of Childhood, curated by filmmaker  Mark Cousins in conjunction with the Filmhouse Edinburgh.

The film tells the story of an old illusionist in 1930s China in need of an  heir to pass on the secret of his mask tricks to. With no son, the man buys  himself a grandson, but the child has a secret. Together they will study the  ancient art of silk masks, by which a man’s face can take on a new and  startling visage in the flash of a second. This is a film of simplicity,
beauty and surprising emotional power.

Film critic Roger Ebert noted: “Like so many recent Chinese films, it  benefits enormously from the beauty of the setting, the costumes and the customs.”

This film was chosen as the seasonal “Jeely Jar Special” where  customers can benefit from 2-4-1 tickets by presenting a clean jam jar at  the box office. Tickets for this event are also only £2.30 per ticket,  making it a great price for such a fantastic film, and can also be booked in  advance by calling 01324 506850 (you can even book the 2-4-1 offer and bring
your jar on the day!).

Event page please click here.

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